10 awesome Father’s day gift ideas from a non-Dad

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I’m a man in my 50s with a man cave, a collection of tools, a variety of hobbies, and great taste (or so I like to think). While I’m not a father, here are 10 gifts I’d be more than happy to receive for Father’s Day.

My hope is that this list will either answer your question of what to get your dad (or grandfather, or husband, etc) for Father’s Day or at least inspire you as you search for the perfect present this year!

Meat shredders

I try to avoid gadgets that only do one specific thing. However, sometimes a specialized tool is worth it. When it comes to cooking tools, the Bear Claw is one of these items. These are used for shredding meat quickly and easily. Their ergonomic handles make the sharp, sturdy nylon blades into extensions of your hands.

Bear Claws are worth the kitchen drawer space for any household that eats chicken, pork, venison, or beef.


There are several hobbies for which a range-finding technology can be very helpful. These include golf, hunting, virtual gaming, geocaching, and photography. Rangefinders provide an exact distance to a target. In golf, for example, they can be used to determine your distance to the hole. In hunting, they measure the distance from the hunter’s gun or bow to the target.

Aofar makes quality rangefinders for both golf and hunting. They are accurate, lightweight, reasonably priced, and come with a good warranty.

Hand truck or dolly

A hand truck is something your father might not realize he needs until he has one. There are so many things that can be transported with a hand truck – and not just when you’re in the process of moving. They come in handy for transporting various items around a workshop or house. They can pivot at precise angles, make it easy to maneuver heavy or cumbersome items, and reduce the risk of lifting injuries.

Hand trucks come in a few types, including upright (the most common), convertible, and specialty. They also vary in their materials, weight limits, shapes, wheel sizes, and backrest type.

Harper Trucks makes good quality hand trucks that are affordable and intended for home use.

High-end earplugs

Save your dad’s hearing with comfortable, high-fidelity earplugs that can be worn for a wide variety of activities, such as:

  • Using loud tools and equipment
  • Going to concerts
  • Working at industrial worksites
  • Attending loud events
  • Riding motorcycles

We tend to think of cheap, disposable foam plugs when we think of earplugs. But high-fidelity earplugs, such as those made by Vibes, are on a whole different level. They lower the decibel level of the user’s environment without creating a muffled sound. Moreover, they come in several sizes to maximize comfort and sound clarity.

Adjustable height desk

In addition to preserving your father’s hearing, you can help to keep his hips and back intact by offering a healthier way to do desk work. An adjustable height desk allows the user to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. There is significant research indicating that limiting the amount of time you spend sitting down is important to your health.

My wife has been using a sit-stand desk for years and loves it.

Adjustable height desks come in two main types. The first is a riser that sits on top of a regular desk. When you want to stand up, you raise the “converter” up to standing height while the desk itself stays put. The second, fancier option is an entire desk that moves up and down with the push of a button. Vivo makes both of these options and has great reviews.

Precision metal spinning top

Whether you get the father figure in your life a new desk or he already has a desk in his office, he’ll need a stylish desk toy for decoration and amusement. This is where I put a plug in for Scovie’s precision spinning tops.

There are options for a range of budgets:

Under $50:  the Cheaha top

Under $100: the Cahaba top

Over $100: a complete series of 3 Dauphin tops

These spin tops are sort like the Father’s Day equivalent of jewelry for Mother’s Day – beautiful, shiny, expertly crafted, long-lasting, and fit for display.

Murder mystery box subscription

Here’s a Father’s Day gift idea that will entertain not just Dad, but the whole family, including kids and adults: murder mystery boxes. This gift is a subscription service in which each month the recipient is sent a box of clues and instructions in the form of documents and other “evidence.” A detective adventure plays out over the duration of the subscription, though there is a puzzle to solve each month.

Hunt a Killer is one of the most popular of the mystery subscription box services. My wife and I are in the midst of a 6-month murder mystery right now, and enjoying it thoroughly!

Work gloves

Men need gloves for a lot of activities. Unfortunately, utility gloves tend to be an afterthought. We often end up wearing cheap, uncomfortable gloves that don’t last and sometimes don’t even offer good protection and grip support. We therefore depend on our loved ones to gift us with next-level gloves.

Enter the Bionic glove. Bionic focuses on doing one thing right: gloves. They make gloves for gardening, fitness, golf, cycling, driving, winter weather, and more.

Personal coffee press

Despite its massive popularity, Keurig coffee is not fantastic. Coffee-drinking fathers deserve a break from the coffee pod fad. Get your dad a personal coffee press, such as the one from Palmpress.

The advantages of a coffee press over a Keurig go beyond taste:

  • There are no pods or filters to throw away
  • You get more antioxidants
  • They don’t require an electrical outlet
  • You have more control over the coffee’s strength

These make rich, delicious coffee as either hot or cold brew. Many are portable and brew just one cup at a time. Perfect for the office or for travel.

High quality cooler

The final Father’s gift idea I have is a high quality cooler. Coolers come in a wide range of how long they can keep stuff cold. It’s worth spending extra on one that does a good job. You’re probably familiar with YETI coolers, which are known for both their quality and, unfortunately, their high price tag. But there are other brands that do a great job at a more affordable price. A couple brands to consider are Siberian and Polar Bear.

Ready to start shopping? Head over to the Scovie shop.

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