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Behold, the Cheaha. A sleek, expertly balanced spinning top.

With a good, strong start, this top will spin for 7 to 9 minutes on a smooth, hard surface (such as a granite countertop). An aluminum core and stainless steel body means that the bulk of the weight is at its center, allowing it to spin longer. Both the top surface and the underside are remachined after being pressed together to achieve the perfect blend. There is a knurl grip for spinning. The top rests on a hardened and ground ball bearing tip.


  • 1.475 inches in diameter
  • 1.575 inches tall

Mount Cheaha, the highest point in the state of Alabama, gets its name from the Creek Indian word ‘chaha’ which means high place. The Cheaha spinning top will surely take a high place in your top collection.

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1 review for Cheaha

  1. DrFPC

    This is my favorite spinning top (and I have a lot of them). It is not a performance spinner in itself (I have tops which reach averagely 20 minutes), although it spins well and for a considerable amount of time. It is not the prettiest spinner on the market. Nonetheless, it is quite solid and, at the same time, it is elegant. It is big and heavy enough, and shows an admirable ‘equilibrium’. It is a true pleasure to spin it, and even to touch it. Therefore, it is an excellent desktop ‘toy’, and something that can introduce people who do not know anything about spinning tops, and even some kids, to the spinning tops’ world, which is based on advanced physics. Outstanding product!

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