Precision CNC Turning

Custom CNC turning services, prototyping, and production

We use both CNC and manual lathes to consistently and efficiently machine close tolerance parts to customer specifications.

Custom Turning

CNC Prototyping

Production Runs

Metal Components

We are a modern computerized numerical control (CNC) machine shop with the equipment and expertise needed to produce precision turned components of a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and complexities.

Equipped with a CNC lathe and manual lathes, we can turn parts to tight tolerances, quickly – whether they are prototypes, small batches, or large production runs. The parts we make will match the print you give us. Guaranteed.

CNC turning service and expertise you can count on.

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We exceed customer expectations in the quality and precision of parts turned, on-time delivery, and customer communications.


30+ years of experience programming and running CNC lathes is reflected in every part that we produce, from the most basic to the most complex.


Personally consulting with our customers to ensure we understand their needs is part of our standard process – regardless of order size.


Turning tight tolerances to customer specifications with accuracy, reliability, and attention to detail is our bread and butter.

Scovie Tops

When we’re not machining custom parts…

…we design and manufacture precision spinning tops that are known for their nearly perfect weight balance and long spin times, as well as other desk toys and widgets.

Our CNC lathe is capable of machining a wide variety of material types for a breadth of market sectors and industries. A combination of specialized equipment and decades of experience means we can handle the most complicated components and designs.

When you contact us requesting a quote, we’ll thoroughly review your prints (if available) and set up a consultation to discuss your needs. We’ll propose a manufacturing plan customized to your requirements, timeframe, and budget. Then we’ll get to work – and deliver on time.

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