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Sipsey spin top

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The Sipsey precision spinning top is another pocket-sized powerhouse from Scovie Precision Turning. This top will spin for over 10 minutes on a smooth, hard surface. You have your choice of either stainless steel or brass (or get both as a set!), which are identical in size.

The Sipsey top is as a small as Scovie’s previous line, the Washburn top, but with a fresh new design and a lower center of gravity that allows for an even longer spin time.

This is a take-it-with-you kind of top. It is small enough to keep in your pocket, your book bag, or your glove compartment for whenever a spinning opportunity arises.

This is a keep-it-forever kind of top. It is made to last, with high-quality materials and produced on a precision lathe. The spinning tip is made from one of the hardest types of stainless steel after heat treating.



  • Dimensions:  1.1″ (27.94 mm) in diameter and 0.975″ (24.765 mm) tall
  • Weight:  1 oz (30 grams)
  • Spin time:  10+ minutes (I’ve clocked 14 minutes)
  • Material:  aluminum core with a stainless steel or brass body
  • Spinning tip:  Rockwell C-60 hardened and ground 440C stainless steel ball bearing tip
  • Grip:  diamond knurl spin grip

Your top will be sent to you in a drawstring pouch for safe keeping and easy transportation.


The Name

The Sipsey Wilderness is Alabama’s first national wilderness area. It is dubbed “The Land of a Thousand Waterfalls” and it doesn’t disappoint. Its endless trails, mesmerizing falls, and beautiful rock formations are perfect for de-stressing and inviting peace into your life. Similarly, the Sipsey spinning top (aka, “The Top of a Thousand Spins”) will calm you down and offer you a chance to decompress with every spin break that you take throughout your busy day.

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