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Introducing the Craven. This spin top is a fusion of elegance and engineering, crafted for connoisseurs of precision. Choose between the lightness of stainless steel or the satisfying heft of tungsten—both have the same minimalistic design but have very different weights (and therefore different spin times).

Its design features include a distinctive large face groove that blends with the low profile body and a hollowed-out stem with diamond knurl for optimal gripping during your launch.

This is more than a spinning top; it’s a slice of perfection that fits in the palm of your hand.


  • Dimensions:  1.49 inches (37.84 mm) in diameter, 0.962 inches (24.43 mm) tall
  • Weight:  stainless steel is 1.2 oz (35 grams), tungsten is 2.3 oz (65 grams)
  • Spin time:  stainless steel spins for about 15 minutes, and tungsten spins for about 25 minutes
  • Material:  aluminum core with either a stainless steel or tungsten body
  • Spinning tip:  ground carbide ball bearing that is 0.187 inches (4.74 mm) in diameter
  • Grip:  diamond knurl

Note: Spinning bases and stands are not included.

Inspired by Chattanooga’s historic Craven House, the Craven spinning top captures the spirit of its namesake’s resilience and heritage. It has a design as timeless as the Craven House’s storied past. It stands as a symbol of history’s touchstones—persistence, precision, and the quiet joy of a well-lived moment—much like the orchard-strewn grounds of the Craven estate once provided.

1 review for Craven

  1. Raymond Riggs

    With an initial spin of 1482 RPM my tungsten Craven toppled at 168 RPM after 20Min 42 seconds. I did this left handed on a worn 4″ concave glass base on my fourth try. I have a small collection of performance tops and use a non contact digital tachometer to monitor the spins. This top is in a different elite league.

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