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Cahaba 2.0 Series

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Cahaba spinning tops from Scovie Precision Turning are back! (sort of)

Introducing the Cahaba 2.0 series, which includes four variations. This listing is for a single variation – you select which one from the dropdown menu when you add it to your cart, or purchase the full set at a discount. After selling out the original, limited edition Cahaba spin tops, I received numerous requests to make more Cahaba tops. I finally decided to do so, but I also wanted to make improvements on them. I’ve maintained the individual characteristics of the original Cahaba spin tops.. but with improvements!

This is now version 2.0! Improvements include:

  • The stem is shorter.
  • The stainless steel body is slightly shorter.
  • More material was machined from the face groove on the back side of the body.
  • The stainless steel ball bearing tip was upgraded to Carbide.
  • The tip is set deeper.
  • All the outside diameter grooves on the body are more evenly spaced and the sizes of the grooves are uniform for a more aesthetically pleasing look than the original Cahaba tops.

Specifications of all of the tops in the Cahaba 2.0 series:

  • Stainless steel body with an aluminum core.
  • Ground Carbide ball bearing tip.
  • Diamond knurl spin grip.
  • Spin time of 10+ minutes.
  • Size is 1.7 inches (43.18 mm) in diameter and 1.28 inches (31.36 mm) tall.
  • Weight is 3.0 to 3.3 ounces (85 to 95 grams), depending on the variation.

Here are the individual design features of each Cahaba 2.0 variation:

Cahaba 2.1

  • 4 steps on the bottom face
  • 3 narrow, tightly grouped grooves on the outside diameter

Cahaba 2.2

  • 2 steps on the bottom face
  • 3 narrow, spread out grooves on the outside diameter

Cahaba 2.3

  • 1 step on the bottom face
  • 1 large deep groove on the bottom face
  • 2 wide grooves on the outside diameter

Cahaba 2.4

  • 1 step on the bottom face
  • 2 wide grooves on the outside diameter

Note that stand and spinning base are not included. The Cahaba 2.0 tops come in a drawstring pouch for safe and easy storage and transport.

1 review for Cahaba 2.0 Series

  1. Tom B

    I just received my Cahaba 2.4 today. It is beautiful, well-made, and I just timed a 14-minute spin!

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